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Faiz Muslimah Collections

Gamis/Pansuit Price List


Model No:   Item                             Material           Colour              Size               Price / pc

TYS 066       Gamis (Long Dress)           CP II       Maroon/ Brown      S,M,L,XL           US$ 19.80

TYS 057       Gamis (Long Dress)     HGY Import      Black                   S,M,L,XL           US$ 20.85

TYS 072       Gamis (Long Dress)     HGY Import      Purple/ Pink         S,M,L,XL          US$ 22.00

TYS 071       Gamis 2 pcs                 Hycon Sub       Blue/ Maroon       S,M,L,XL          US$ 30.70

TYS 062      Gamis (Long Dress)     Banana             Red                     S,M,L,XL          US$ 22.00

TYS 068      Gamis (Long Dress)     Mandalika Red/ Green/ Light Blue S,M,L,XL         US$ 19.80



Model No:   Item                          Material              Colour              Size               Price / pc

TYS 2058 Long Coat/Blouse(top only) Cotton Slub   Yellow/ Pink        S,M,L,XL         US$ 12.10

TYS 2054     Pantsuit                       HGY Import        Blue/ Orange      S,M,L,XL         US$ 23.00

TYS 2069     Pantsuit                       Liberto                Blue& white        S,M,L,XL          US$ 22.00

TYS 2055  Long Coat(top only)                              Black                  S,M,L,XL          US$ 13.80

TYS 2070     Pantsuit                       Liberto                Brown/ Grey      S,M,L,XL          US$ 22.00

TYS 047       Gamis 2 pcs                Hycon Slub        Purple                 S,M,L,XL         US$ 30.70
             Minimum Purchase 2 dozen with 20% discont from the above price

All price are FOB Jakarta, Indonesia
Payment Term: Cash / TT transfer
Delivery: Deliver to your appointed Shipper/courier
               6 working days upon receiving payment

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