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Faiz Muslimah Collections

Setting The Pace Into Contemporary Fashion

I was inspired by current need to introduce and popularise decent attire for today women and also to create awareness on the availability of Muslim clothing in the market. It is hoped that today women would choose to wear the decent attire in whatever situation and circumstances she is in.

FAIZ Fashion have what it takes for the muslimah needs, with the right material and comfortable to wear in any working conditions.FAIZ Fashion has a broad range of quality products such as Jubah, Pinafore, Long Dress, Vest, Skirt, Blouse, Shirt-Blouse, Jacket, Pants, Jubah Suit and Pants Suit that will fully enhance the essential quality of one's lifestyle. Apart from clothing, FAIZ Fashion also provides a full range of beautiful scarves needed by the customer to look more elegance. We are also in a process to design a decent swimming suit especially for the muslimah who in today life need such attire. We hope FAIZ Fashion will be able to give the taste and need for the woman to look elegance in decent attire.


Agis Hassan.


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PT. Hadimarista Karya.
Jl. Cemara II No:122 Blk F Jatimulya, Bekasi Timur. Indonesia 17510